Today is a new beginning

I have planned for a long time to start my blogging/writing journey on June 1, but over the last few weeks I’ve been watching #cockygate unfold and have decided that introducing myself can wait.

I don’t know what Faleena Hopkins was thinking when she filed to trademark the word Cocky, I maintain that I’m not sure that she was thinking clearly.  Cocky has been part of the English language for as long as it has existed.  To think that this woman thinks that she can TM a word is ludicrous to say the least.

In my mind this was all a ploy from a rich woman who thought that she wasn’t getting enough sales and decided that this would be a way to expose her brand to the world.  She must have known that she was going to receive at least some backlash.  If I were a cynical person (that would be yes, yes I am) you would suspect that she would be sitting back rubbing her hands together waiting for someone, nay, anyone to ‘attack’ her so she could play the ‘woe is me’ everyone is attacking me card and get herself some of the sympathy she ‘deserves’.

The fact that she has sent C & D letters to authors and forced online stores to remove anyone who breaches her asinine trademark makes her the monster not the victim.  There are people who are much more eloquent than I who have the whole story and can explain it better than I.  I would recommend Bianca Sommerland for a start, if you want to read the latest court documents you can find them here.

I’m sure this saga will drag on for a long, long time and authors really need to be vigilant and make sure we oppose the trademarking of words.  Words that we all use everyday, that no one person has a right to ‘own’.

I’ll be back tommorrow, maybe for an introduction, maybe for more of this ridiculous #cockygate drama.

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